Goner Girlr

I am very much over editing photos for the past two weeks.

Time to kick up the ol' dogs, put The Cramps in the air, crack a seltzer or twelve, and juggle a few books about ethnobotany, Brian Wilson, and bipolar Norwegians in 19th C. Oslo/Christiana.

With all the friv. ado all a-done, here are some faux toes from the best fest east of the west:

Gonerfest 14: The Freshman Class/Baby's In High School Now

To view the gallery above all on one page go here.

To see way more of each band and others (from G-14 and otherwise) go here on my site vicio.us, where I stash all my band photos and miscellany.

They're categorized by band and in order or appearance over the weekend. 

Now I'm going to sleep for about nine years. No more, though. That would just be decadent.